Cardiac therapy in Nashville, Tennessee

Whether you have had a cardiac episode or are recovering from heart surgery, the heart rehabilitation team at TriStar Centennial Medical Center can help. We can also assist in managing lifestyle-related conditions, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

For more information about our cardiac rehabilitation services, call us at (615) 342-1000.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs we offer

As part of our comprehensive cardiology services, we offer cardiac rehabilitation programs on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Cardiac rehab consists of supervised exercise training, education about lifestyle changes and emotional support. Our heart rehabilitation specialists work with you to help reduce your heart disease risk, establish better eating habits and, if necessary, help you quit smoking.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Inpatient cardiac rehab occurs while you are still in the hospital. This may be because you have been admitted to the hospital after a cardiac emergency or planned heart and vascular surgery. We meet with you to assess your individual needs and begin working with you to improve strength, mobility and endurance. We also develop an individualized plan with your physician before you leave the hospital.

Outpatient rehabilitation

This type of rehab begins after you leave the hospital. For approximately 12 weeks, most patients will have one-hour sessions, three times per week. Exercise sessions prioritize aerobic conditioning along with light resistance training.

Maintenance program

The cardiac rehabilitation maintenance program provides qualified personnel to help patients with continued exercise progression and adherence. This phase is used to help patients maintain good habits and a healthy lifestyle for the years to come.

Where to find our cardiac rehabilitation team

Sessions are held in the Heart Wellness Gym at TriStar Centennial, located at:

2410 Patterson St., Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37203

We offer appointments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A physician's order is required to schedule cardiac rehab services. Please contact us or have your physician contact us at (615) 342-1000 to set up your appointments.

Cardiac rehabilitation at TriStar Health

Cardiac rehabilitation is utilized to improve the cardiovascular health of individuals who have suffered a heart attack, heart failure or any other debilitating heart condition. Cardiac rehabilitation usually involves exercise and education in order to rebuild and maintain heart strength.

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