Cardiac rehab services in Nashville

The cardiac rehabilitation programs at TriStar Health hospitals are designed to meet the needs of patients recovering from a heart event, such as a heart attack, stenting, heart surgery or stable angina. Our cardiac rehab services also benefit patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lifestyle-related conditions.

To learn more about cardiac rehabilitation at TriStar Health, call TriStar MedLine® at (800)-242-5662.

Personalized heart rehabilitation programs

To help patients improve their cardiac health, we provide information and guidance related to healthy lifestyle habits, nutrition, exercise, risk factor reduction and, when needed, stress testing.

We recognize every patient's journey is different, which is why our heart rehabilitation programs are uniquely designed to meet each individual needs.

Our heart care services emphasize education and monitored physical activity to help patients get back to their daily routines and/or safely recover from heart and vascular surgery. The goal is to stabilize, slow or even reverse the damage caused by cardiovascular disease. In doing so, other debilitating heart conditions may be prevented.

We offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services and a maintenance program for long-term cardiac wellness.

Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Inpatient cardiac rehab begins while a patient is still in the hospital. Our rehabilitation team meets to assess the patient's individual needs for a recovery program and begins working with patients to improve strength, mobility and endurance.

We also develop an individualized recovery plan in coordination with the patient's physician before they leave the hospital.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Outpatient cardiac rehab begins after a patient leaves the hospital. Each session combines exercise and education in a supportive environment. Most patients have one-hour sessions, three times per week, for approximately 12 weeks.

The three phases of cardiac rehab

Each of the three phases of cardiac rehabilitation are designed to help patients in various stages of recovery:

  • Phase one occurs while the patient is still hospitalized. From the time of the event until discharge from the hospital, each patient works through their recovery program to help improve physical strength. Activities may include assisted walking, stationary biking and range of motion exercises to increase endurance and mobility.
  • Phase two is conducted on an outpatient basis to help patients continue a safe exercise program and increase self-confidence. A multidisciplinary team helps patients develop healthy living habits.
  • Phase three aims to help patients maintain their healthy lifestyle after completing phases one and two. Patients are encouraged to continue exercising and developing healthier habits in a less structured environment.

A physician referral is required for any cardiac rehabilitation program. Your doctor can refer or schedule an appointment by calling any TriStar Health hospital directly.