ERs in and around Nashville and Bowling Green

TriStar Health ERs focus on accessibility and quality. Our accredited chest pain centers and advanced primary stroke centers offer life-saving care. When the unexpected happens, emergency experts at our hospitals are standing by to help. With many ERs in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, you can take comfort in knowing a high-quality emergency hospital is near you.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Know where to go in an emergency

ERs handle different kinds of conditions than trauma centers and urgent clinics. Knowing where to go can help get you or a loved one the right treatment fast.

  • Emergency care: ERs treat serious illnesses and injuries. They have behavioral health teams to provide care for suicidal thoughts or the desire to self-harm. You can also receive treatment for:
    • Broken bones
    • Chest pain
    • Deep lacerations
    • Head injuries
  • Trauma centers: Trauma centers treat traumatic injuries. These are injuries that may cause disability or death, such as:
    • Major burns
    • Neurological injuries
    • Serious physical injuries, such as back or neck fractures
  • Urgent care: Urgent care clinics treat non-emergency illnesses or injuries. You can receive treatment for issues such as:
    • Colds and flu
    • Minor allergic reactions
    • Minor burns
    • Strep throat

If you experience any type of traumatic accident, call 911. A paramedic will assess your condition and take you to an ER or trauma center.

Pediatric ERs

Patients have access to specialized emergency care and resources for children at the pediatric ER at The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial and TriStar StoneCrest's pediatric ER. However, all of our ERs treat children's injuries and conditions. Thanks to our network of hospitals, your child will always have access to the level of care needed in an emergency.

Obstetrics and gynecologic ER

You can receive care for OB/GYN emergencies at any of our ER locations. However, we also offer a dedicated OB/GYN ER at The Women’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial that caters to women's unique health needs.

This ER is staffed 24/7 by hospitalists who treat acute OB/GYN conditions. These emergency specialists serve each patient’s needs using specialized equipment and clinical expertise.

Types of OB/GYN emergencies

If you have any of the following symptoms or conditions, call your doctor or go to the ER:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Post-surgery complications
  • Severe breast pain
  • Urinary tract infection

If you are pregnant, call your doctor or go to the ER for:

  • Dizziness or bleeding in early pregnancy
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Preterm labor
  • Severe abdominal pain

Check ER wait times

Receiving prompt care can make all the difference in an emergency. That is why, as part of our commitment to our communities, we broadcast our average ER wait times.