Thank you for choosing TriStar NorthCrest for your care. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you during your stay.

Chaplain services

Pastoral care and spiritual counseling can play an important role for both patients and families in times of illness and injury. Available 24 hours a day, a chaplain can be reached by notifying the nursing staff.

Durable medical equipment

You may not bring personally owned, leased or rented medical equipment into the facility. Staff must obtain any equipment needed for medical care from an approved vendor.

Electrical equipment

Electrical personal grooming equipment such as hairdryers or curling irons are permitted for use in patient rooms. However, the staff must inspect all equipment before plugging them in to ensure they meet fire and safety requirements. Departments and/or nursing units may be more stringent in exercising this policy depending on individual patient needs. Under no circumstances will electrical equipment using a heating element like heating pads, electric blankets, irons, coffee pots or portable heaters be permitted for use within the facility.


Our Environmental Services staff members clean patient rooms daily. If you have any concerns, please share them with your nurse.


We offer free WIFI throughout the hospital. Feel free to take advantage of this service to check your email, and stay up to date with your friends and family.

Calling your nurse

Your room is equipped with a nurse call system. If you need help, press the bedside call light (red button). A second call light is located in the bathroom for your convenience.

Leaving your room

Patients are requested to check with the nursing station before leaving the area. This is to ensure that we know where to locate you and to ensure that your physician has given approval.

Mail and flower delivery

We will deliver any mail to your room daily. Mail received after you’ve gone home will be forwarded to the address on your hospital records. Flowers are delivered to your room as they arrive at the hospital. If you are in a critical care unit (CCU), you may not receive flowers until you are transferred to another unit.

Patient meals/in-room dining service

We are pleased to offer in-room dining to our patients. This unique dining experience allows you to make selections with the help of a culinary specialist. Rather than using a traditional menu, the culinary specialist will have information about your diet to help guide you through your meal choices. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent food services experience with individualized attention to your dietary needs.


Dial extension 4540 from a patient phone for a daily menu. The cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with hot entrees, vegetables, desserts and a self-serve salad bar. Cafeteria hours are subject to change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check with the nursing staff before having visitors bring food or drinks for patients.

Weekday hours
Breakfast: 7:15am - 9:00am
Lunch: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Weekend and holiday hours
Breakfast: 7:15am – 9:00am
Lunch: 11:00am – 1:00pm


Security Guards are on duty 24 hours a day. You may see them patrolling the hospital and parking areas. If you would like escort services to your vehicle, or if you need to contact security, please call the hospital operator by dialing 00.

Your room

Every effort will be made to ensure that everything in your room is in proper working order and that you are comfortable. If you experience any problems with your room or the equipment in it (lights, TV, shower, bed, etc.) please notify your nurse.